24+ Caribou Joins Straw Hats

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This is where Caesar Got His Heart Back Bege and Straw hats Parted Ways then after that Big Mom pirates chase the 2 pirate groups as well as Germa 66Caesa. Caribou wanted to kill them but his crew was overwhelmed by the Straw Hats and they were separated.

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This is what Oda does always but remember that the Wano is already protected forever once they take down Kaido because.

24+ caribou joins straw hats. Caribou scheming but is unaware that Franky is staring at him. Advertentie Many Styles from Great Brands. So far in case Jinbe is part of a third hypothetical group Yamato could be the girl joining in.

But theres Hodi and maybe even Jimbei. Personaly i fell like carrots case is very close to vivis back in the Alabasta arc i fell like if luffy dont atleast ask her to join the crew like he did vivi it would fell a bit off if she chose to join is another story i would give it a 90. Also she is hell strong and knows how to fight.

Caribou for potential Strawhat at the end of Wano. Also all Straw Hat Pirates members have a tragic story. However Katakuri joining the Straw Hats is a fever that has sickened many fans.

One piece of fandom Do you think Carrot should join the Straw 5 Candidates For 11th Straw Hat. Jul 31 2021. Village Hats - The Online Hat Shop.

3 Ussop Will Become Stronger Than Sanji. They appeared underwater with the Straw Hat crew. Furthermore Straw Hat Pirates members seem to join in groups of 4 3 men and 1 girl.

But Charlotte Katakuri is a Sweet General of the Big Mom Pirates one who loves his family and who is willing to die for it. Obviously the Strawhats are pirates so theyre morally grey but Caribou is more unambiguously self-serving and criminal while the main strawhats have streaks of heroism in them. Zoro Ussop Sanji Nami and Chopper Robin Franky Brook.

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In any event Caribou is the same and different than how he started. Hes still trying to become an underling in a massive Strawhat Allied Fleet but his motivations are now completely inverted. Caribou was left stranded on the ship by himself with the Straw Hats.

He seems like a sly enemy but I think he would have a good dynamic with the crew he saved Luffy in a way in the prison. Will Carrot become a Strawhat. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Therefore it is unlikely for Katakuri to join the crew but he may be a valuable ally to Luffy. Do you think caribou should join straw hats I just love the character and he could be the logia. No one knows yet.

Just because in this chapter Oda indicated that Yamato will remain the Protector deity of Wano doesnt mean anything but just to make you guys believe for a while that Yamato joining straw hats wont happen. Since Jinbe is joining were left guessing whether there will be more recruits from this arc. Advertentie Top Quality Panama Hats From Ecuador.

Advertentie Top Quality Panama Hats From Ecuador. Worldwide Delivery Fast Shipping. Theres a high chance he will since Oda said the next straw hat would be an enemy.

Sep 02 2021 Do you think Carrot should join the Straw Hats. I think he could be a potential straw hat at the end of wano with a few other people. Now hes begging to join the real Strawhat and wants Luffy to save him but is terrified that Luffy is going to trick and murder him.

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