20+ Ace Meets Whitebeard

Ace shouted loudly intending Luffy to hear him. Instead of whining like usual Luffy just pulled his hat on harder covering.


If Whitebeard was out of the picture then they would certainly be able to handle the majority of his crew.

20+ ace meets whitebeard. They were clamming up as they watched the ocean quietly. Whitebeard wanted to meet the kids brother just because he turned out to be the Ace of Spades was not going to stop him from doing just that. 6 years ago One Piece Ace and Whitebeards Burial.

Ive come to save you The only response from Luffy was to laugh more seeming to know something Sengoku did not. Garp and Whitebeard strike a deal and Luffy Ace and Sabo are sent to live with the Whitebeard Pirates for six months. One Piece Ace and Whitebeards Burial.

The trio and crew alike do not know how to handle the situation but eventually they figure each other out and the brothers find somewhere they feel like they belong. Lets go Ace led Luffy back onto the deck where the ship was getting closer and closer. They both grew anxious and sat next to Whitebeard to calm themselves down.

So Ace and Whitebeard make a deal hell rescue Aces brothers for him and the three of them will join his crew take on his mark and be under Whitebeards Protection. He striked Luffy hard on the head. Ace came to the cliff where he saw Luffy with his body face down.

Whitebeard was about to press on the subject wanting to know just what Ace had no answer for wanting to try and clear any doubt or unsecurity his son could have when a bunch of pirates started gathering to the center of the deck gathering the attention of the whole crew especially when a loud thud was heard as something came crashing from the sky. Whitebeard was already intrigued by what the brothers had told the fact that he was the best assassin there was only intrigued him more. Series Part 16 of Leryas big bag of one-shots.

A series of One shots partaining the life of the Whitebeard Pirates and Portgas D. He blew on his fist to get ready for his own Fist of Love. His background story will also be very different in some regards.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Mostly written because I am not nor will I be ever over Marineford and I need more WBP content. One piece Ace One piece shanksOne piece whitebeard Dont forget to subscribe One piece is love.

So that they never will be separated again. Had Whitebeard deteriorated more than he thought. 6 years ago One Piece Ace and Whitebeards Burial.

Whitebeard was a little surprised that his youngest sons were so scared of Garp. He still will have spent some years in Foosha Village met Shanks and got his straw hat and met Sabo and Ace no real difference in how he meets them either. Maybe they will get to know the assas- no Ace better.

This Luffy will be a bit smarter and act a little differently than CanonLuffy. Luffy who has been taken hostagekidnapped Bluejam for their pirate fund and Sabo who has been taken by his parents. He will still very much be Luffy as only Luffy can be but you will notice differences.

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