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Van Wanna see my axe. Since water is the natural enemy of the Devil its fruit possesses a lot of dangers to its user.

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That would give an idea of how powerful Shanks crew could be with weapons and gadgets imbued with devil fruits.

18+ shanks devil fruit. Because the marines wernt able to know that shanks has arrived until the nth moment. Shanks told Buggy to not steal too much food and walked away but came back to tell him something that Roger just did surprising Buggy who accidentally swallowed the Devil Fruit. Theres a speculation online that I found quite amusing.

Those who didnt give a shit about Shanks always ended in tragedy. So far we havent seen another devil fruit user on Rogers crew surely they knew something we dont know yet. My post is me backing out reasons why he probably has one not why he should get one.

One PieceOne piece chapter 930 is out_____PATREONhttpsti. One Piece Red Hair Shanks is a Haki expert but does he also have a secret ability that he will reveal in his Blackbeard battle Are you excited for One Piece. This separates him from the rest of the Yonkou as all of them have devil fruit powers.

Ok as far as we know both Roger and. Thats why when Shanks somehow learned that Blackbeard got hold of it he. Maybe Blackbeard wants it for its destructive and special properties and maybe Shanks wants it to keep it from people like Blackbeard.

25 votes 18 comments. There is no way shanks could come to mariejoa without alerting the guards and even the admirals who were there. One Piece 3 emperors are fighting on wano but the final war led by Monkey D Luffy will see the remaining 2 throw hands with legends having strong influence.

VIVIS POTENTIAL RETURN TO THE CREW. He still blames Shanks for it to this day which might mean he is not happy with his devil fruit powers and maybe would rather not have them. Here are the 10 strongest One Piece Pirates without any Devil Fruit.

After the most recent chapter where Kaido was able to lift a whole island though we dont know if thats a devil fruit ability weve seen even. Shanks needs to have his Haki suppress the fruits power all the time and it must be really difficult or painful for him. The speculation states that Shanks has the power of Respect Respect fruit.

Apr 9 2020 19. They are a very laid back group of pirates who are almost always seen partying and drinking alcoholic beverages whenever they. But with his devil fruit awakening.

Being able to manipulate water and all. Few as they may be theyre just as impressive as some of the strongest characters in the series if not more impressive. Shanks is only Yonkou who doesnt possess any kind of devil fruit powers.

Shanks will never eat a devil fruit. Those who show respect to Shanks always ended well. Apr 9 2020 19.

My theory is that he has a space time devil fruit that lets him take or go to places without anyone noticing. Big Mom has the Soru Soru no Mi that allows her to take souls Kaido has an ancient mythical zoan that enables him to turn into an eastern dragon and Blackbeard has two devils fruits Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi. We know that he did not eat his devil fruit on purpose.

What is Shanks had the water devil fruit ho And that why he is capable of swimming when he rescue Luffy. As Buggy was yelling at him Shanks noticed the map Buggy had found earlier floating away which prompted Buggy to leap into the ocean in pursuit of it. Wtf So what you guys think.

I mean it seems rather impossible for him not to have a devil fruit because he is a yonkou and all. Interestingly theres a bunch of pirates who despite not having any Devil Fruit power are incredibly powerful. The last and more likely assumption is that both Blackbeard or Shanks know about the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit maybe because of 2.

Hi I just wanted a share a mini theory on why I think Shanks crew has no devil fruits. Shanks Devil Fruit Ability. Shanks used to be on the same crew as Buggy the Clown and Buggy forever resents him for botching one of his treasure hunts by making him eat a Devil Fruit.

Shanks having a devil fruit is a theory speculation on my part. In other words it is a forbidden fruit. I agree that a Haki user can hurt a person with a DF ability if that Haki user is proficient enough.

KIZARU HIS DEVIL FRUIT. Shanks has shown that Conquerors Haki can cause PHYSICAL damage to objects. No amount of speed would have been able to do say and he was inside the room.

But a fish ate his arm perhaps thinking it was a devil fruit. Luffy offered Franky to eat the Mera and Franky said no as he likes being able to swim. A PROMISE BETWEEN FRIENDS.

Shanks BOUNTY and DEVIL FRUIT BIG NEWS. Could be as simple as that. SkywalkerTC 7242019 in Predictions.

And the only person able to use it due to his extraordinary Haki is Shanks. Although I can imagine Yasopp shooting bullets that turn into animals as well as many other things there is no way of knowing how powerful Shanks crew could be with weapons and gadgets imbued with devil fruits and we wont know until we learn more about weapons imbued with.

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