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Admiral is the second highest rank in the Marines organization senior to a vice admiral and junior to the fleet admiral. Dont forget to subscribe for more.

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Roger was still alive and still continues to be in the present even after his retirement from the Marines.

16+ luffy 3 admirals. Wallpaper of Luffy 3 Admirals for fans of One Piece. There are only three admirals serving at a given time and as the strongest Marine officers they count among the most powerful characters in the series23 1 Admirals 11 Current. If u compare ace was a higher rank than jozu who was quickly defeated by an admiral.

Nimitz Halsey Leahy and King–The Five-Star Admirals Who Won the War at. Ao Kiji- Full Fightmp4. Sengoku the Buddha11 is a former fleet admiral of the Marines2 succeeding Kong and preceding Sakazuki5 Sometime during the timeskip he became an Inspector General4 He was also one of the major figures along with Whitebeard Shiki and Monkey D.

If the admirals are actually that much stronger its decided. Here are 5 One Piece characters who can take on an Admiral and 5 who stand absolutely no chance against their mighty power. I hope you all enjoyed One Piece Reaction Episode 475476.

To all my one piece fans. One Piece – 474 Epicness Scene Luffy Vs The 3 Admirals. The 3 admirals were called the greatest power in thw war of the sb and thats without luffy.

This is about the Marine rankFor the leaders of other fleets see Admiral Fleet Captain. Garp during the times when Gol D. If you are interested.

Be sure to leave a like and a comment. The Admirals are some of the most powerful characters in the entire One Piece world and only a few characters can put up a fight against them. Moria isnt strong at all wo his army.

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